Cuproban Complete Marine Cathodic protection solutions
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Design & Detailed Engineering of CP Systems

Cuprobanís team of engineers can design and provide detailed engineering of suitable Cathodic Protection systems for various marine structures including ship hulls, ballast tanks, jetties, sheet piles, wharfs, off shore platforms, subsea pipelines, FPSOs, FSOs, jack-up-rigs etc. The designs can be for impressed current or sacrificial anode based systems, for ships, jetties, or off shore projects and whether for a complete project or for assisting in deciding the number and position of anodes for a small tug boat!

Cuproban also provides complete design services for designing an appropriate pipe-line anti-fouling and corrosion control system.

Computer Simulation of Cathodic Protection Design

Cuproban works with reputed computer modeling firms based in Europe and can carry out extensive computer simulation to study the effectiveness of the cathodic protection design whether based on sacrificial anodes or Impressed Current Systems under various operating conditions. This modeling can help to provide greater confidence in the proposed CP system and whether the system can reasonably be expected to meet the planned design life. It is of great use in designing systems for vessels with large wetted area or vessels with complicated shapes such as moon pools, vessels that cannot be dry docked regularly such as FPSOs or structures with large design life such as off shore platforms and jetties.

DNV standards for cathodic protection pipe-line anti-fouling

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